By James Morgan

So today I was searching online to see the new Boondocks episodes that I had been missing recently. I happened to find out that two episodes had been cut.

“Why?” I wondered.

I came to find out that in these two episodes series creator Aaron Mcgruder had taken satirical swipes at B.E.T. or as I like to call it “Black Exploitation Television.” I started to write a blog about the suppression of freedom of speech in the Black community but then I remembered something… B.E.T. is not owned by the Black community but a company known as Viacom. This corporation happens to also own the Cartoon Network which is the same channel that airs episodes of the Boondocks. While this may not be a surprise to some people, I do feel that we must critically look at the B.E.T. Network a lot more critically than it has been looked at in the past.

As a Radio TV. Film major at Howard University and a lifelong student of history, I feel that we must not only look at what this channel produces in terms of programming (i.e, brainwashing), but we must also look at it in terms of the seeming monopoly that B.E.T and its chief rival TV One have in terms of Black representation on the airwaves.

Whenever there is the threat of a monopoly Congress has broken it up in the past in order to make sure that one corporation does not beat out the competition totally and become the all powerful sovereign in an industry. When will we break the Viacom (B.E.T, MTV, etc.) stranglehold on our media?

Mcgruder offered a critique of the network and his work was suppressed. What was so harmful in his two episodes? He made fun of a few record executives and the programming that they choose to show. Was the reason that the episodes were not shown because in his satire there was (as there always is in satire) an element of truth? I think so.