By Maya Pope-Chappell
obama-wright.bmpThe media had a field day with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his “anti-American” antics. The “God damn America” and “Chickens coming home to roost” sound bites were broadcast in a constant loop from CNN to Fox News. The once respected preacher was quickly turned into public enemy number one. But what was so damning about the statements made by the pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago? Maybe Wright could have used better phrases to describe America’s shortcomings, but the fact is that Wright’s sermon was taken out of context and spun to serve a political agenda aimed at altering the creditability of Barack Obama and his commitment to the American people.

At least that’s what I thought when I first wrote this piece following the Wright firestorm. However, my feelings toward Wright have taken a turn since the National Press Club stint in which Wright answered questions about his beliefs, American politics, and the Black church. I went from feeling sorry for a man who I felt was crucified in the media, to a man who has abused his 15 minutes of fame trying to curb attacks to his name and his church.

Obama first denounced the statements made by Wright in an insightful and powerful speech on race politics saying, “…[his] comments were not only wrong but divisive at a time when we need unity.” Now Obama has completely distanced himself from the pastor, calling Wright’s words destructive and appalling in a public divorce between a man with sights set on becoming the first Black president, and a man who has made a haphazard attempt at restoring his reputation.

Although I agreed with some of the points Wright made, his sarcasm and condescending tone played right into a game of divide and conquer, splitting two forces that may ultimately lead to the defeat of both parties. Why is Wright coming out now at a critical moment in the Obama campaign? He couldn’t have come out immediately after the sound bites aired or after the democratic nomination? Why now?

Perhaps Wright’s selfish display is an effort to help promote his upcoming book. However, within days before democratic primaries in Indiana and North Carolina, Wright’s iron grip on the media has made Obama an easy target to criticism.

According to mainstream media, uncommitted super delegates and working class whites may by swayed against Obama or influenced to renege on their vote behind Wright’s hoarding of the spotlisht. Let’s just hope that Wright’s chickens don’t come home to roost in Obama’s coop.
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