by Pendarvis Harshaw

Promise? Pro- missed, pro mise, demise, dismissed-from my eyes
I see a man being deity ised
Smoke, mirrors, and media provide
A disguise a glorified
allegory to the story
of Clinton Gore and them guys
A Democrat with a different rap
Appeals to a different demo graph
Different part of the map

All because of the skin in which he is wrapped                                                                                      But Jessie Jack and Kwame Killpat
Showed because you are Black
doesn’t mean there are no strings attached
so who is this kat?
A hybrid kid-mixed lineage
Kenyan – the blackest of black
with a neck that is the redest of red
son of a Midwest farmer
who was the daughter
of a couple who built bombers for Pearl Harbor
childhood altered by that Tiger Woods drama
who am I? how do I identify?
Just to move to the South Side of the Chi
To save hood kids before Hyde Park got gentrified
Do the headbusters in the rollin 100s know this guy?
What about the other side
Do the O.G.s who got evicted from Cabrini-Green know the significance of his place and time?
Do they know that on the same day Chicagos Emmitt Till lost his life
a decade later, on the same day, a King looked to the sky and said the promised land would be a mile High?
He saw it 45 years prior to you and I
Before CBS opened its one eye
A revered King saw this country being unified… and his one statement: I have a dream
So courageous, so audacious, such a catalyst for changes: a dream
Is a dream in question after seeing that Mountain Top scene
A scene where the three most unaccountable identities
The three things that have always lied to me:
America, politicians, and Black men.
Made but another promise to me
Another promise
that is very reminiscent of Democratic Donkey dung and Denver Bronco dropping bullshit.
Now excuse me Mr. Obama, but me and my patnas are from Oakland California
Where the Panthers taught us to take arms and march right to the state building lawn
In order to alarm ’em
that the government is not sticking to their promise!
Honest, I heard your words and your words struck a nerve and because I care about what you do… even more support you, I hope for change from the same old bull ****
And I’m letting you know, from a man you made a promise to
I will be holding you accountable.