republican elephant
By James Morgan

OH NO!!! The House that Reagan built is on fire!! Everyone run for the hills!!! Before I get into the meat of this blog, I would first like to state that I am not a member nor am I affiliated with the Democratic Party or the Obama Administration. Nor am I an “Obamaholic”. I am simply a Black man in America who follows politics. My political ideology can neither “conservative” nor “liberal”. I am an African scholar and nationalist, and I am proud to be in that intellectual genealogy.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let me start by reminding the reader that over the past few weeks conservative politician and former U.S. vice president Richard “Dick” Cheney and conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh have been making headlines for a number of reasons. Conservatives are up in arms about the so-called liberal agenda that the Obama administration is pushing through. Between the time of my writing my last blog, I have been watching these and other “neo-cons” very closely and it seems to me (and seemingly everyone else not in their movement) that the conservative house on fire.

My question is “why?” I think that the past year during the McCain, Palin presidential run is like a symbolic montage of the GOP/Neo-Con movements overarching problem. This movement is clearly outdated, and constantly representing an ever decreasing percentage of the American population. What are the so-called values that the Republican Party represents in 2009? What did they represent on November 3, 2008? No offense to Senator McCain (who I think is an exception to a lot of what I am writing in this article, but not all) but during his campaign he was constantly being embarrassed by people claiming that they wanted him to win because “Obama is an Arab” or “Obama is a Muslim” etc…. The question that republican strategists have to ask themselves is why do they appear to be so xenophobic and out rightly racist? Oh… Wait, it is because a lot of them whether they admit it or not are. Once again I am not affiliated in anyway with either party, I am just stating the facts, as I understand them.

After President Obama’s election the Republican party elected Michael Steele to be the Head of the GOP, however any honest observer can tell that he is a symbolic figurehead who was placed there so that the party could say “We like Negros too!” However as I am sure many readers will remember the moment he came out against Rush Limbaugh he was quickly reminded of “his place”. Rush Limbaugh, if nothing else is an excellent voice for the angry white man that feels that he is losing the battle for the heart and soul of politics.

It is the opinion of this writer, that to the casual observer it would seem Colin Powell is the only Republican in the public sphere with any common sense. This would explain his portrayal as a “Democrat” by former V.P. Cheney, and others. Now with President Obama’s nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, conservatives are playing the race card because she stated that a poor Latino woman would be able to relate to certain situations that a lot of white men can’t. Simply put, she stated a fact.

What we are seeing is the apparent fall of white America as an idea and, while I do not agree with this apparent wholesale liberalization of America and the world, I do agree that it is time that other perspectives are taken into account in the public discourse. While O’Reily, Hannity, Limbaugh the rest of their neo-con cronies may be playing the perpetual cry-baby role everyday over the airwaves I would like to remind them and the rest of the world that they have had their chance to rule and have their opinions heard but that in the 21st century it is time that we have some old and new voices heard in the spirit of the Afrikan-centered concept of Sankofa.

In closing, I would like to say that if asked which political party closest represents my views it is “The Black Panther Party For Self Defense”. However, I feel it is also my duty to remind all who read this article that “the greatest trick the devil ever played was tricking the people into believing he didn’t exist”. Therefore it is my hope that we as African people stay focused on our goal, which is the total and unconditional liberation of our people and all other oppressed people around the world.

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