By James Morgan

Min. Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam

On February 26th, 2010 the Nation of Islam celebrated its annual Saviors Day convention and holiday.

The Islamic Black nationalist organization was founded by Wallace “Master” Fard Muhammad in on July 4th, 1930 and has inspired millions of Blacks in America and beyond. After the mysterious disappearance of the organizations founder, Minister Elijah Karreim (Born Elijah Poole, later Muhammad) took the reigns of the organization and would later be known as “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad”, last Messenger of Allah by his followers. With such historical luminaries as Malcolm X, Louis Farrakahn, Muhammad Ali, Khalid Muhammad and many others being touched by this organization it is no wonder why this event has garnered considerable attention from the entire Black world, Muslim and non-Muslim.

This years’ Saviors Day lecture by Minister Louis Farrakhan touched on a variety of topics, one of which was the political atmosphere around the Haitian earthquake. In his lecture Minister Farrakahan questioned why the United States sent armed troops into the island nation when by nearly all accounts the Haitian people have been very cooperative with aid workers. Farrakhan applauded a great many of President Obama’s efforts while at the same time criticizing the right wing push against him and his initiatives, like healthcare reform.

The side of the Saviors Day Convention that is often left out in writings outside of the Nation of Islam’s own Final Call Newspaper is the family-oriented spirit of the convention. Many people do not realize that this event serves as a springboard for the organization’s subordinate Mosques, initiatives, and members on which direction to go in, not just organizationally but spiritually in their own personal lives.

I was shocked to hear a close personal friend of mine who is a Fruit of Islam ( FOI, male member of the NOI) to say that after attending this year’s conference for single men and women he is seriously considering marriage preparation and looking for a Muslim woman in the Nation to start a new life with. With such presentation titles as “The Hip Hop Detoxx” led by recording artist Rakim and others it is no secret why this event is looked as a highlight of Black history month and beyond.