By Cheo Tyehimba

Can you do the Reflection Dance?

You’re walking down a crowded New York street, say Fifth Avenue. You turn left on Lexington and nearly bump into an attractive woman. You smile, she smiles, and the awkward dance begins.

You step to the right, hoping to clear the way for her but within the same instant, she steps to the right. You are both right back where you started. There’s a bit of embarrassed laughter. You dance again.

She steps to the left, and even though you want to get out of her way so she can pass, something compels you step to the left too. You are nose to nose again. How did that happen? You share a brief conversation and then, finally, you just stand still and with a knowing twinkle in your eye you let the fair lady pass. She smiles and walks on by. And you smile too. Because in addition to asking her on a date later, you realize you’ve just done it again…. The Reflection Dance.

After years of living and working in New York, I’ve done the dance countless times. But so have you. regardless of who you are and where you live. It happens everyday on crowded city streets, in bus stations, in suburban malls, during professional sporting matches, during a natural disaster like the recent tsunami in Japan, on rural dirt roads and in tiny villages. It happens and has happened everywhere human beings have lived for all ages. I believe it even happens to spirit after we’ve departed these bodily vessels. Of course, its no news flash that we are all reflections of each other. But sometimes, it takes a simple observation, like a impromptu “dance” to remind us that we are all both mirrors and windows to the world.

I’ve though a lot about this simple observation for years but only recently coined the phrase “The Reflection Dance.” Nothing especially profound about it, really.

Except a little reminder about “who” we really are. And perhaps a question:

“Who and what are you reflecting?”